Our Services

This service is specifically geared towards people who are usually based overseas, or those who perhaps only visit London for relatively short periods. We act as your agent, solely responsible for your interests in finding the best available property at the best possible price. As your acquistion agent, we will not simply try to sell you properties which are on our books for sale. Instead we will search through all suitable available properties currently on the market in your chosen area (whether they are being sold by estate agents, developers or by private sales) and make independent and impartial recommendations to you. We will physically inspect all the available properties that fit your specific requirements (in terms of location, price, type of property and so on) and then either put together a shortlist of suitable properties for you to view yourself or, alternatively, we will send you a detailed written report on the propertry which we feel most suits your needs. We will then negotiate on your behalf with the seller to achieve the best price possible on your selected property, and will see the purchase safely through the survey, mortgage and legal process. For more than two decades we have successfully acted as acquisition agents for British expatriates (and overseas nationals) who either need a London base or an investment property, and who do not have the time or the local knowledge to search the market for the best properties

After an initial inspection and having established your specific needs, we will ensure that your property is let to the most suitable tenants, at a proper market rent and on the best possible tenancy terms. Our aim is to achieve a proper return on your investment, whilst safeguarding your interests as the Landlord. We will guide you through any relevant letting legislation (gas and electrical safety legislation, energy performance certificates, inventories, secuity deposits etc), help you avoid all the letting pitfalls, and make certain that your property is presented to its maximum potential. We will ensure that your property is always well advertised (we use property portals such as Primelocation, Findaproperty, Zoopla etc) and that details of your property are sent to all suitable applicants on our tenant database. We will accompany all prospective tenants who view your property, we will negotiate the best tenancy terms on your behalf, will will put all offers to you in writing and we will personally take up written references on prospective tenants (including a formal bank reference). We will then prepare the tenancy agreement ourselves, collect the first month’s rent and the security deposit, and account to you in full. Prior to the end of the tenancy, we will advise you on any potential renewal and we will then negotiate on your behalf with the tenant if required. We have successfully rented out properties in The West End and across Central London over the last twenty-eight years, and we feel that our long-term business connections (with HR departments, relocation agents etc) will give you access to the widest possible pool of suitable potential tenants.

Our role is to represent your interests with regard to your property (whether it is let to tenants, or left empty for those parts of the year when you are away from the UK) and to ensure that the management process runs smoothly. After an initial inspection, and having established your particular needs, we will take over the day-to-day management of your property. We will collect the rent throughout any tenancy (and chase up any late payments) and, after deducting any agreed costs and expenses, we will send the balance of funds to you by bank transfer. We will send you a regular and detailed statement of account (usually monthly as the rent is received) listing all income and expenditure (and we are always extremely happy to discuss your property in more detail by telephone or email). We will make the necessary arrangements for the transfer of the utilities, council tax etc into the new tenant’s name, and we will then ensure that these services are put safely back into your name when the tenant vacates. Similarly, we will arrange, if requested, for service charge accounts, insurance demands etc to be sent to us for payment on your behalf from your rental income. We will carry out half-yearly inspections of the interior of your property to ensure that it is being properly looked after and that any ongoing maintenance is properly attended to. Having agreed a pre-arranged financial limit with you, we will arrange for any minor repairs or general maintenance (and the replacement of individual items of furniture) to be carried out promptly and professionally. More major repairs and maintenance will only be dealt with once we have first obtained your formal instructions (and the relevant funds) to proceed (except in the case of emergencies). Throughout the duration of any tenancy we will ensure that you comply with any relevant letting legislation (gas and electrical safety legislation, energy performance certificates, inventories, security deposits etc). Towards the end of any tenancy we will, if required, take the relevant steps to regain possession of your property or, alternatively, we will advise you on any potential renewal, negotiate on your behalf with your tenant, and ensure that the best possible renewal terms are agreed. At the end of the tenancy we will liaise between the inventory clerk and your tenant, we will prepare a schedule listing any delapidations and we will then ensure that the property is put back into good clean order. In short, our tailor made management service is designed to ensure that your property is always properly maintained, so that your asset is protected and so that your tenant stays on for as long as you wish.
Following an initial inspection, and having discussed any special requirements you may have (such as any tax planning issues), we will advise at what level we feel your property should sensibly be marketed at (based on our own expectations on how we see the London sales market behaving over the coming months and on recent comparable sales evidence within your local area). We will also offer advice on what works, if any, it would be sensible to carry out prior to marketing (so that your property is presented to its maximum possible potential), when exactly the best time to sell is likely to be (as the London sales market is seasonal), whether it is best to sell with or without any tenants you may have, and on which particular marketing techniques we feel will best suit your property. We will, of course, accompany all prospective purchasers who view your property and we will obviously put all offers to you in writing. We will also give consideration to factors such as which potential purchasers we feel are most likely to actually complete the purchase (in terms of the level of their deposit, whether they are in “a chain” etc) so as to minimise the risk of an accepted offer falling through at a later stage. We will then negotiate on your behalf with the intended buyer, so that we ultimately achieve the best possible sale price and the best possible terms for you. We will then provide access for the buyer’s surveyor (and comparable evidence if need be) and we will liaise between both parties’ solicitors (and assist them when required) in order to ensure that the entire legal process is as quick and trouble free as possible. During this period we will keep you (and your buyer) fully updated with regular progress reports. Once the sale goes through, we will ensure that all services (gas, electricity, council tax etc) are safely transferred out of your name (and into the new owner’s name) and we can also then assist with arrangements to remove any of your possessions. Our overall goal is to make the sale process as pain free as possible for you, and to ensure that your property sells at its best price, in the quickest possible time.
General repairs and maintenance are dealt with as standard under our property management service (see above). Our project management service covers all matters in connection with property improvements and alterations, ranging from fitting new kitchens and bathrooms, to more major conversions, extensions and refurbishments. Over the last twenty years we have managed a wide range of building projects (from refurbishing a tiny studio flat to building a £1M extension and a swimming pool) and have developed long-term business contacts with architects, surveyors, engineers and building contractors. Our long experience and expertise allows us to always ensure that our clients’ projects are completed as swiftly and prudently as possible (irrespective of the size of the works). Our project management service is totally flexible, with each project being tailored to the needs of the individual client, and we would be delighted to discuss any project with you in more detail.

We can arrange for the complete interior design, decoration and furnishing of flats and houses (whether they are rental investments or private homes) so that they are presented to their maximum potential. This service is particularly important for rental properties, as it is vital that the decorations and furnishings are of a quality and style that will attract the right calibre of professional tenant. When prospective tenants are trying to choose between properties of a similar type and price, the furnishings and decorations will often be the deciding factor. In addition, tenants are unlikely to stay in a property for more than one tenancy, if they feel that the furnishings are decorations are not of a suitable standard (which then increases your void periods and damages your annual rental income). Over the last twenty-eight years we have built up a detailed knowledge of what type of furnishings, fittings and decorations will appeal to the best blue-chip tenants, and we would be delighted to handle the entire design and furnishing process for you. We have also built up a range of well established business contacts over the last 30 years (with interior designers, decorators, craftsmen and curtain, flooring and furnishing suppliers) which will allow us to furnish and decorate your property both efficiently and cost-effectively.

We do not act as mortgage brokers ourselves, but if your finance is not already arranged, we will try to suggest suitable lenders and brokers for you to contact (such as the National Association of Estate Agent’s team of mortgage brokers). Where our clients intend to obtain mortgage financing (which some do for tax planning reasons as well as simply to raise funds) we recommend that they make the necessary arrangements, in principle at least, at an early stage. The reason being, that when we are acting as acquisition agents, one of our best bargaining points in seeking a good price on a chosen property, is the ability to proceed with the purchase as swiftly as possible and without any delay.